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(Blind but very normal)


Blind dogs can have fun too
we even adapt to things that are new.
Don't need our eyes, we see with our heart
that's because we're pretty smart.
We love to give kisses and big hugs too
eyes are not needed
to love through and through.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter 2003


Robbie loves to toss his ball

no need for any one else at all.

Jumping and prancing

he looks like he's dancing.

Having fun galore

he plays some more.

Find another new toy

no -  playing ball is his joy.

Taking time for a rest

still loves his ball best.

Blind dogs have fun too!


Robbie has learned so much since we adopted him.

He can heal, ride in the car, is housetrained, crate trained and learned to live with 13 other brothers and sisters and 2 cats! He is amazing. He loves to play tag at full speed in the yard with Sweetie, wrestle with Charlie the Springer and throw his toys around the kitchen. I think he has a smile on his face all the time.


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