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Our Little Katie

Our Little Katie

Hobbling around from room to room

Katie moves like a little raccoon.

She barks and plays just like the rest

trying to keep up and doing her best.

Her legs are crooked and wobble a bit

so she often just watches and likes to sit.

We thought she was injured from an accident

but the vets are sure she was born with legs bent.

So we love her and keep her as part of our pack

she thinks life is great – and that’s a fact.


Original Poetry and Graphic by Patricia Walter 2004


Katie was turned into the shelter as a stray this summer. I was working as the Assistant Manager and thought she had been hit by a car. So I sent her to the vets to be checked out.  She had not been injured and appeared to be crippled. So we took her to Ohio State Vet School to be check out. It turned out she was born with crooked legs and knee caps out of place. It would be almost impossible to correct the problems surgically. So they suggested she continue her young life as she is.  A one year old crippled dog that does not know she has a handicap. I was going to send her to rescue, but she settled in here and loves everyone.  To our surprise, all of our other 12 dogs seem to like her too. So she became dog 13 in our family. 


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