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We were part
of a litter of six
girls and boys
what a mix.

Taken to the shelter
no one cared
squealed and shook
really scared.

Fell right out
of a kennel so high
hit the floor
started to cry.

Back leg broken
limping and sore
help me quickly
xrays and more.

Emails sent
looking for a reply
need someone to help
who won't ask why.

Taken to the vet
my brother and I
cared for - repaired
in the wink of an eye.

We are fortunate
someone cared -
while thousands more
won't be spared.

Original Poetry & Photos by Patricia Walter 2005


The two brothers were part of a litter of six turned into a local shelter in Southeastern Ohio.  One of the kennel doors did not close properly and the young brother fell out about four feet to the concrete floor.  This shelter, like most, does not have money to treat animals with medical conditions. They depend on volunteers or rescue groups to help animals in need.  Sometimes it is difficult to find anyone to take on the responsibility and financial cost of caring for these special needs animals.  This time, little brother was lucky and Ted and I brought him home. A trip to the wonderful Parkersburg Vets in WV took care of both little guys. Little brother will wear his big old splint for four to six weeks.  In the meantime, they are two little happy puppies.




Little Brother           Big Brother 

Little Brother's big old splint


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