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Annie after being pulled from the shelter and shaved

Annie in her happy new home with Laura,  Suzanne and her 5 doggie sisters and brothers and 7 cats.


Thrust into darkness, eyes crusted and shut
a matted ball of fur, probably just a mutt.
Left alone in the cold, she shivered and shook
didn't care about eating, or how she would look.
Her life had no love, it was lonely and cold
wasn't there someone, that could be told?
The poor little girl was handed to Pat
taken to the vet, and there she sat.
Find a foster home, with love and care
came another Pat, who wanted to share.
On the road to recovery, the going was slow
everyone cared, the only way we know.

Original Poetry by Patricia Walter � 2003


Annie has been adopted by Laura and Suzanne. She is about 10 years old, diabetic and almost blind. But she loves her new home and has become a very happy little girl, Thanks to Laura and Suzanne and much help from her foster Mom,  Pat Lawrence. 


Annie was left as a stray at the Pleasants County Humane Society. She was very thin and matted when she was turned in. She lived with two puppies turned in with her, but not related, at the shelter in an outdoor kennel. She had a little wooden building with straw as a shelter from the 5-degree January weather. Somehow she managed to survive the terrible conditions until the Humane Officer showed her to Pat W. The Humane Officer was very concerned about Annie. Pat W. took Annie home to warm her, feed her and clean her up. She was nothing but a mass of hard, dirty mats. Her eyes were completely closed and cover with thick, dried black crud. A home bath would not be enough to clean poor little Annie up. Pat W. took Annie down to the Parkersburg Vet Hospital where Dr. Casto and Dr. Teague were most concerned about her. Annie stayed for a day to get bathed, groomed and examined. She was just skin and bones and her little nails had grown so long they curled under her feet into her pads. She was not in good shape, but finally knew someone cared about her again. She was to need 24/7 care if she were to pull through.

Pat W. needed help to save this little girl. Cindy at the Parkersburg Humane Society came to her aid and found her a wonderful, loving foster Mom, Pat L. Annie started to return to health, but then fell into a diabetic comma. Unknown to all involved, she was diabetic and had a terrible upper respiratory infection. More days in the vet hospital on intravenous fluids and treatment left her just a little lump of fuzz needing more care and much more love.

The love and care paid off as she slowly gained enough strength to start to be hand fed. Of course, Pat L. discovered her favorite foods - bacon cooked crisp, Bologna and cheese! She cared for little Annie as if she were her own child. Indeed Pat thinks of her as her own fuzz ball baby. She is still very thin, but starting to eat and even walk a little. Annie looks quite chic in her little sweater she always wears to keep warm since her mats were shaved off. She is almost blind and cannot hear, but she does feel love - the wonderful love and care she received during this terrible ordeal. If love can heal, Annie will be on her way to a second lease on life at age 10.

Good Luck Annie! You are in our hearts and prayers!


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Annie's Medley 

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