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Are The Animals Lost In A Mist?

Are The Animals Lost in the Mist - original poetry by Patricia Walter

Are The Animals Lost In A Mist?

Are the animals lost in a mist, a great mist of ignorance and power?
Has man's great lust for money and wealth, blinded him from life on this earth?
Life given by God, to be cherished and loved, the gift to grow and be free.
Many were here, before man lost his way, sole tenants of Nature's great earth. 

Man builds and he plants, taking all in his reach, no concern for those in his way. 
Not really caring, who's discarded or lost, it's just man's cold, hard way.
Not approved by our God, nor the animals on earth,
man is far too greedy and harsh.

Why can't man, learn from the animals, their Rules for Coexistence in Life?
Is caring and sharing so foreign to man, has his heart turned cold and closed?
If he opens his heart, to God's loving ways, the veil of his ignorance will lift.
He will love again, be kind and share, see the animals come out of the mist.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1998


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